2016’s Best 5 New Balance High Arch Running Shoes Pros and Cons

New Balance M940V2 High Arch Running Shoes Review

New Balance Men's M940V2 Running Shoe review
The New Balance M940V2 Running Shoe White is made with good perfectly matched sole height for traction, stability and balance. Below are some of the features you need to know.

The Features

  • Made with rubber sole
  • Great stability with forefoot flex grove
  • Designed with N2 low-to-the-ground cushioning
  • Weigh about 340 gram
  • The upper part is made of thin mesh
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Made with leather/fabric material
  • Made with padding which add substantial inch to the height
  • Made with Mizuno which provide amazing support to both ankle and heal
  • Made with quality material.

The Pros

  • This running shoe is made with rubber sole for cushioning and stability
  • Perfect design for all kinds of needs
  • Comfort, pleasure and ease of use
  • Come in great color choices
  • Lightweight feature for great workout experience
  • Great for the price
  • Made with thin mesh for easy stretching of toe
  • It is a good athletic shoe design with superior features
  • Durability
  • The colors are white, reflective silver, blue and grey
  • Good for high arch feet.

The Cons

Despite the great pros associated with this running shoe, there are still some cons. One of the major cons is the sweat that comes out of it. So, you my experienced having your feet soaked when you wear this shoe for longer time.



New Balance MT410V4 High Arch Running Shoes Review

New Balance Men's MT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

The Features

  • It is a technical trail runner shoe
  • It has strong stripe overlay
  • Has ghillie lacing loop
  • Come with rear heel pull
  • Furnished with padded tongue
  • Come with logo lace keeper
  • Made with foam midsole from IMEVA
  • Featuring XLT performance foot bed
  • Made with trade all-terrain outsole
  • It is all black shoe made for workout exercise
  • Made with soft padding for comfort and ease of use
  • Made with stiffer leather
  • It is made with cute slick comfortable look
  • Made for all kinds of workout exercises.

The Pros

  • Made with slick design and appearance
  • The padded tongue and the IMEVA foam midsole offer comfort and pleasure to the user
  • Good stability and traction without slippage issues
  • Made with lightweight sole
  • Stiffer leather for longer lasting and durability
  • Does not hurt on the leg
  • Good grip while going downhill for hiking
  • Offers good support to the user
  • Suitable for people with wide feet
  • They are affordable
  • Good for high arch feet.

The Cons

  • The sole can easily tear apart from the upper side
  • The rubber attached on the toe can easily get lose
  • The stitches can easily come loose after a short time of use.


New Balance MX20BS4 Cross Minimus High Arch Running Shoe Review

New Balance Men's MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe

The Features

There are enormous superior features associated with this New Balance Running shoe which made it the choice for runners and workout trainers. Some of the features include:

  • No-sew mesh upper
  • Stabilizing overlays
  • 4 mm drop
  • Durable Vibram out sole
  • Light-weight feature weighing about 8 ounces
  • Great stability with moderate height sole
  • Made with wide toe box
  • Suitable length and room width
  • Comes with moderate padding
  • Good traction and less slippery
  • Stylish and amazingly beautiful
  • There is achillies protector in the rear side of the shoe
  • Thin sole for easy weightlifting and cardio workout exercise.

The Pros

Among the pros associated with this New Balance shoe include:

  • The shoes are lightweight
  • Made with great look and perfect fit
  • Pretty much reinforced open mesh
  • Do not get hot
  • They are good CrosFit shoe
  • Come with Vibram sole for good traction and stability
  • Good for low-impact cardio exercising, dead lifting, biking and others
  • They are made with moderate padding for comfort and cushioning
  • Good for high arch feet.

The Cons

  • The sole do not have enough cushioning
  • Do not holed up to high impact movement
  • The sole usually wear out so quickly
  • Not good for any with flat feet.


New Balance 990V3 High Arch Running Review

New Balance Women's 990V3 Running Shoe review

The Features Associated With New Balanced Running Shoes

There are lots of exciting features associated with these New Balanced Shoes which made them good option for those looking for running shoes that can offer them comfort and pleasure with ease of use some of the features include:

  • They are made with leather/Fabric
  • The shoes have rubber sole for longer lasting.
  • They are made with USA with quality guaranteed standard.
  • They shoes come with leather upper side with double-density collar tongue.
  • They shoes come with blown rubber for perfect cushioning.
  • They are made with reflective detailing.
  • The shoes are made with soft and smoothing padding for comfort and ease of use.


  • The combination of leather and fabric material made perfect for all use.
  • They are available in many color options.
  • The shoes are very light.
  • Well cushioned for maximum comfort and pleasure.
  • They are made with perfect fit and ruggedness to overcome all terrains
  • They are made in two models which are 993 and 990.
  • They are made in different sizes to meet the need of users
  • Good for high arch feet.


  • The sole has hollow inside which can easily collapse.
  • The shoes usually produce bad odor when get in touch with water or sweat.
  • Users complain of the shoes fallen apart within short period of time.


New Balance W490V3 High Arch Running Review

New Balance Women's W490v3 Running Shoe Review
The Features

The New Balance Women’s W490V9 Running Shoe is made with lots of exciting and perfect features that will captivate buyers easily. Some of these features include:

  • Made with Synthetic/ Fabric
  • Come with Rubber sole for stability and traction
  • Made with mesh upper side
  • Features supporting synthetic overlays
  • Come with injection-molded EVA midsole
  • Sleek and padded collar
  • Padded tongue
  • Variety of attractive women colors
  • Designed in different sizes to suit need of users
  • Lace with little intermittent stitching giving the shoes good texture
  • Made with cool material for durability and long lasting.


  • Durability
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Offer cushioning and support
  • Useful for strength and aerobic classes
  • Made with sleek design and amazing look coupled with great color
  • Comfortable and ease of use without hurt on the foot
  • They are flexible when compared with other sneakers
  • The price is great and affordable
  • Made with great arch support
  • Good for different kinds of exercises in the gym
  • Good for high arch feet.

The Cons

  • Do not have enough cushioning
  • They are a bit loud and can hurt when users embark on 8 hours workout
  • Available in limited size
  • They are not made with memory foam.


Best 10 High Arch Running Shoes Pros and Cons

Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Running Shoes

Skechers Sport Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion running Shoes

Color:Skechers Sport Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker Shoes color


The Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneakers have been designed for women. These sneakers are lightweight. Quality of product has been ensured by using synthetic materials. The basic design of this sneaker is suitable for sports. However, the interior keeps comfortable functioning. There are extra cushions inside the shoes. These cushions are present to protect the toes and ankles. A specialized heel protection cushion is also present. This product is imported and contains 100 % synthetic fabric. Rubber soles are present to provide better grip on different surfaces. Bungee laces offer fitness while breathable mesh makes the shoes cool and dry.


This product is imported and it has pure rubber soles. There are midsole stripes for coordinating. These shoes offer maximum takeoff. Memory foam insole makes it more comfortable. The outsole is based on Flex Groove technology. Price of this product is very reasonable. The Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneakers allow the users to cover long distances without any pain in ankle and toes. Special heel protection cushion is also present.


Replacing bungee laces with common laces is not suitable. Lower sole gets more dirt and mud. Frequent cleaning is required because of more mesh on the upper side of shoes.



Adidas Performance Thrasher 1.1 M Trail Running Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Thrasher 1 1 M Trail Running Shoe

Color:adidas Performance Women's Thrasher 1 1 W Trail Running Shoe color


Adidas offered Thrasher 1.1 M Trail Running Shoe for the heavy workouts. This brand is famous for the multilayered soles. The upper portion of shoes is covered with high quality synthetic mesh. Purpose of using mesh is to keep the shoe cool and dry. This imported brand has excellent lower rubber sole with EVA Midsole. This EVA Midsole provides better transition (Heel to Toe). It is very impressive that Adidas has used a Tough Rubber Sole (ADIWEAR) to add more comfort. There are three stripes on each side. Ventilated air mesh allows the users to enjoy intensive workouts without feeling wet.


Using the Thrasher 1.1 M Trail Running Shoe gives a smooth and sensational experience. It is available in all sizes. Extra foam cushions are present to deliver a comfortable feeling. Traction trail feature enables the users to get it fit. Excellent shock absorption helps to avoid back, knee and feet pain. It has a multiple layer of soles making it suitable for all surfaces. Nonslip footbed always adds more comfort.


It gets abrasions quickly. Dust and dirt accumulation is also very fast. It needs frequent cleaning by hands. Washing the shoes is difficult because of upper mesh and inner cushions.



Saucony Cohesion 8 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Cohesion 8 Running Shoe

Color:Saucony Women's Cohesion 8 Running Shoe colorSaucony Men's Cohesion 8 Running Shoe color


Cohesion 8 Running Shoe is a considerable product by Saucony. This brand has been designed according to the requirements of women. The shoes are perfect for heavy workouts and gym. It has got an amazing synthetic fabric. These shoes are imported with quality rubber soles. Puffed logo, classic underlays and overlays make the shoes more attractive and adorable. Upper mesh has a breathable surface. There are wide air intakes. It keeps the shoes cool and dry. Reflective hits are also present for better visibility. In order to improve the stability, Saucony has offered stability heel grid option in the shoes.


These shoes are 100 % imported. The outsole is based on carbon rubber XT-600. The Cohesion 8 Running Shoe is a reliable and durable product. It can be used for multipurpose use including gym, walk and trail. Reflective and attractive surface makes it fit for casual wear. Women can try these shoes to improve the gait. Stability heel grip helps the users to avoid pain in knee, back, legs and heel.


Lower soles get more mud so cleaning is required. Inner cushions increase the overall weight. Free return option is offered for limited colors and sizes. It is not suitable in rain.



ASICS GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe


ASICS Men's GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe color

ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 17 Running Shoe color


The GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe is a beautiful product by Asics. This shoe has been rated five stars because of considerable soles. The rubber soles are multilayered. This multilayered rubber sole offer an explosive takeoff and additional boost while running. Asics has used 100 % pure synthetic textile with heel clutching option. This facility keeps the heel protected from shock and pain. Reflective upper makes it perfect for night ready trail. The GEL cushioning glows in dark. Fluid-Fit Upper technology enables the shoes to provide high performance and efficiency. The lacing system is Discrete Eyelet that offers great fitness.


The shoe is suitable for all surfaces. It has got multilayered rubber soles. This technology improves the stability and traction for hiking, jumping, climbing and gym. You can perform sports activities with extra power and boost. The GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe allows users to have quick takeoffs. GEL cushioning is another great advantage for those who have sensitive toes. Great shock absorption feature helps to minimize heel and toe pain.


Price is very high ($167). Sales are offered rarely for limited sizes. More mesh area on upper size enhances dust accumulation. Frequent cleaning is very important to maintain the look.



Asics GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes

Asics Womens GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes

Asics Womens GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes color
 ASICS Men's GEL-Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoe  Asics  Shoes color


The GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes is a brilliant opportunity for women. It has an attractive design and color pattern. This makes the shoes more attractive and adorable. Multilayered rubber soles have been used to enhance the shock absorption. There is a wide mesh area on front and upper side. This mesh is breathable and it maintains the dryness. Your feet will never get wet because of the large air inlets in mesh. Special laces are present to give tightness. These shoes allow the women to enjoy a stable and smooth walk on different types of surfaces (trail, hiking or climbing).


The GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes is a perfect option for sports and athletic purposes. These shoes are more reliable because of great shock absorption. The multilayered rubber soles help to avoid back, knee and feet pain. There is a specialized system to eliminate the wetness. This imported product is 100 % synthetic and it has guidance line technology. GEL cushioning is present for rear as well as forefoot.


There is extra tightness due to additional cushioning. This brand is not compatible with all types of socks. Limited sock-liners can be used with these shoes. Frequent cleaning is required.



ASICS GT 2000 2 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's GT 2000 2 Running Shoe

Color:ASICS Men's GT 2000 2 Running Shoe colorASICS Women's GT 2000 2 Running Shoe color


The GT 2000 2 Running Shoe is a special product for men who love a durable pair of shoes. This product is usually imported with quality features. Design and structure of this product make it more adorable. It is suitable for multipurpose utilization. The lower soles are divided into two portions. There is a big gap between front and rear portion. Embedded rubber sole allows the users to enjoy better stability and traction control. The laces are dark grey and well suited with mesh. Breathable mesh gives a dry and cool feeling. Extra foam cushions are present to protect heels, ankles and toes.


GT 2000 2 Running Shoe is based on 100 % pure synthetic fabric. It has FluidRide Midsole providing more comfort to users. It also keeps the walk smooth and stable. There is a highly Dynamic DuoMax Support for users. Line Flex Grooves are also present for better guidance. Company has utilized a modern IIGS support system for this product. The updated version of this product is lighter than previous versions.


Free returns are available but on limited size. Price is high ($132.00). Additional Midsoles usually don’t fit with these shoes. Frequent cleaning is required with high care to avoid scratches.



ASICS Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe

 ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 21 Running Shoe color ASICS Men's Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoe color


It is a quality brand offered by Asics. The Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoe has numerous specialized features and functions. First of all, the product is based on 100 % synthetic materials. It is imported with rubber soles. The heel size is approximately 1.5 inches. A high quality and durable mesh has been used for upper portion. This mesh is breathable that’s why it allows more air to pass inside. This mesh also keeps the inside cool and dry. Anti slipping leather pads are present inside the shoes. Asics has used extra foam cushions to offer more comfort with smooth walk.


The Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoe has a Fluid-Fit upper. This is multidirectional upper making the brand an ideal running shoe. Fluid-Ride Bounce system is also present. This system is responsible for cushioning impact. Impact guidance is also present inside the shoes. The users with back, knee and leg pain can use it to correct the gait. Gait Enhancing System with Guidance Trusstic makes it an ideal running shoe to avoid arthritis.


Price is very high. Return policy is offered for limited colors and sizes. These shoes are not fit for casual wear. More surface area with mesh promotes dirt and dust accumulation.



New Balance M990v3 Running Shoes

New Balance Men's M990v3 Running Shoe

 New Balance Men's M990v3 Running Shoe color
 New Balance Women's 990V3 Running Shoe color


The M990v3 Running Shoe is a quality product designed for heavy workouts. Majority of the features such as quality laces, improved grooves and attractive designs makes it more adorable. The product has got specialized inner liners. The sock liners are also present. These sock liners allow the users to enjoy a dry inside. This product is available in grey color and black slower soles. White laces and a big logo make it more attractive. Front portion of shoes is covered with mesh. This mesh is breathable and cool. This shoe is designed with quality synthetic fiber and mesh to give high performance.


This brand is produced in USA with pure leather and fabric. Rubber soles with leather upper allows the runners to have more stability. Padded tongue and dual density collar offer special traction control. This brand has a reflective detailing with blown rubber cushioning. These shoes are ideal for the hiking, jumping, running and climbing. You can also use it for gym and heavy workouts because of considerable potential to fit with feet.


Company has a limited offer for return and exchange of product. Discounted prices are limited to selected sizes. It has a problem of cleaning because of more mesh covering on upper.


Salomon XR Mission Running Shoes

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe

Color:Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe colorSalomon Men's XR Mission Running Shoe color


The XR Mission Running Shoe is a classic and attractive opportunity for women. The shoes have got an attractive design and color pattern. It has got Bungee laces in black. There is a midrib allowing the laces to get stable. Lower soles and midsoles are based on 100 % pure rubber. It is a synthetic product with high quality materials. This shoe has a unique design pattern in red, vegetable yellow, light blue and black. There are several cushions all around. This maintains the comfort for users. The heel grid system is also present. It prevents the slipping and pain in heel.


Price of this shoe is reasonable. Selected parts including the front and upper contain fabric mesh. This mesh is breathable with bigger air intakes. It allows the air to maintain the internal atmosphere. Anti-slipping sock-liners have been used in the shoes. There are bigger and prominent grooves below the shoe. This helps to get maximum stability on different surfaces. These shoes are perfect for trail, hiking, casual wear and athletic activities.


Colorful surface become dirty soon. It needs cleaning after short intervals. Yellow rubber sole gets dirty quickly. Bungee laces can’t be replaced with other options. Drying the mesh is little difficult after washing.



ASICS GEL Venture 5 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

 ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe color
 ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe color


The GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe is a quality product by Asics. This brand obtained an additional recognition level because of imported status. The quality features such as synthetic mesh make it more durable. These shoes are designed for high performance. Asics has ensured the durability of sole by using pure rubber soles. Underlays of these shoes are designed for outdoor ready running. Air mesh is breathable eliminating the sweat. These shoes are considered perfect for the trail, hiking and climbing. The AHAR outsole rubber has been used for the protection of critical areas. Rear-foot GEL cushioning is also present.


Asics GEL Venture 5 Running Shoes are considered more reliable and durable. These shoes are famous for reversed traction lugs. Lower sole has got special designs with grooves to cover stability. High performance has been ensured with the help of sharp tongue. Laces are colored with rest of structure. Laces offer a fit wear to the users. There is a fabric hook behind the shoes to hang them after use.


Discounted prices are offered for selected options. Company offers free returns but on limited sizes. Fabric mesh makes it difficult to clean the dirt and mud. It lacks anti-abrasion covering.



2015’s Best High Arch Running Shoes Guide

Runners who have high arch feet tend to lack over pronation which can result in pain, injuries and blistering since heels are less prone to be shock absorbent when on the run. In order to overcome this problem, people with higher arches need to wear shoes that offers extra cushioning and have medial poles in its outsoles or any other supportive band to provide added support.

What are some best running shoes for high arches?

Neutral shoes are rendered to be ideal for such feet. These shoes are made to have extra cushioning in its midsole and are not only made to provide stability. This eventually means that these shoes are more flexible and softer as compared to other running shoes. Nowadays many technologies are being used to innovate shoes for high arches and to insert more cushion in it and make if sifter. These include polyurethane, air, ethylene vinylacetate, gel and others.

People with high arches are more than those having low arches however; people with such feet do need to select the shoes that are made for them so as to avoid injuries and pain and to improve their running experience.

Best High Arch Running Shoes for Men

ASICS Mens GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoes

ASICS Men’s GEL-Kinsei 6 High Arch Running Shoes

Men runners tend to face different types of pains and injuries and GEL-Kinsei 6 running shoes are specifically designed to resolve these issues that are most commonly faced by men having higher arches and under-pronation during running or walking. These shoes are manufactured to have a biometric fit which is quite flexible from the forefeet.

In addition to this, these shoes also include a supportive heel clutching system, a rubber sole and a solyte foam which will be used as the midsole of the shoes. The shoes is a combination of various factors which includes being comfortable, flexible, light weighted, perfect as well as stable and serves to be an excellent choice when you need to run for a longer distance.



Saucony Men's Ride 8 high archRunning ShoesSaucony Men’s Ride 8 High Arch Running Shoe

The Saucony Ride 8 shoes are also the top choice for men runners who have high arches. For those men who have mild or normal under-pronation find this pair of shoes to be extremely useful during running sessions. The extra cushioning in the shoes is provided by the ComfortLite sockliner which is coupled with the HydraMAX collar lining.

In addition to this, the SRC ImpactZone and Power Grid midsole is also includes in the Ride 8 Saucony shoes which renders it to be the best neutral running shoes available in the market. The designing of these shoes are as such which helps in improving the performance of an athlete and are definitely the first choice of men having higher arches.



Brooks Men's Ghost 8 high arch Running Shoes

Brooks Men’s Ghost 8 High Arch Running Shoes

Men with high arched heel find these shoes to be very effective and useful in running. They are light weighted, bouncy and provides smooth transition from heel to toe during running sessions.

The brooks DNA cushioning and the segmented crash pad of the shoes model provides a high standard comfort to men’s heel and avoids overpronation when running or walking. The comfort level, lightness and balance of these shoes are the main reason why they have been rendered as the Editor’s choice of “Fall Shoe guide” in 2015.





Best High Arch Running Shoes for Women

Saucony Women's Ride 8 high arch Running Shoes

Saucony Women’s Ride 8 High Arch Running Shoe

For those ladies who have high arches and do not over pronate, the Ride 8 running shoes will serve best to their demand.

They are specially designed for mild or normal under-pronation.

They have HYDRAmax collar lining which offers extra cushioning and softness along with the SRC ImpactZone, ComfortLite sockliner as well as the deep flexible groves at the forefront.

The shoes have been designed after a study made on biomechanics which resulted in including the PowerGrid midsole and which will ensure speed and responsiveness during longer running periods.



Brooks Womens Glycerin 13 high arch Running ShoeBrooks Women’s Glycerin 13 High Arch Running Shoes

These shoes are amongst the top shoes for women runners with high arches.

These running shoes include extra cushioning by the patented Brooks full length DNA as well as the Omega Flex grooves which makes the fore part of the shoes flexible and comfortable.

The segmented clash pad offers smooth and gradual toe to heel transition during running and which provides customized stability and comfort level greatly depending upon the shape of the heel and the way a person wearing these shoes walk.

These shoes provide excellent running experience, are durable and are made from high quality materials.



ASICS Women's GEL-Kinsei 6 high arch Running ShoesASICS Women’s GEL-Kinsei 6 High Arch Running Shoes

For those women who want to run fast and have high arched feet, this shoe brand is one of the best options available.

The shoes are manufactured to have an Impact Guidance System which is useful in improving the natural pace of the feet. Furthermore, the heel clutching system and the special Guidance line vertical flex groove provides extra cushioning in the midsole and helps in enhancing the running experience.

Kinsei shoes also include a cuprothermo film which is useful in retaining heat within the shoes when it is cold and to release this heat when the weather is warm. These are light weighted, comfortable, stable and are made of high quality materials however, they are a bit towards the pricey side.



The cost of theses shoes are relatively higher however, they are worth it. The size of the shoes should be accurate and perfect so that you can comfortably and easily run for longer time duration.

High arches are not as common as compared to flat feet however, still people who need to run and walk on a regular basis, should consider all factors prior to buying. If you are willing to avoid pain and injuries in future, then it is very important that you select the right shoes. Your running experience will improve and you can longer ways for very long time duration. For those who need to cover long distances will find these shoes to be extra comfortable and effective.

How to choose high arch running shoes

High arch foot, also named high instep, in medical terminology it called pes cavus. There are many causes of a high arch foot, the most is verve disease, some of them are congenital cavus, the others are because of injury.

In the most cases high arch foot is not need a surgery, a good pair of running shoes for high arches will be enough for you. You should choose the running shoes that specially designed for high arch foot, the good shoes maybe make your feet better and comfortable day by day, even complete healing.

You just need to know how to choose the sneakers for you, there are many tips to choose high arch running shoes, different brands and technology will give your feet different support. I will tell you almost all skills to choose high arch shoe on this website, just hope you could find out the real best high arch running shoe for yourself.

Here we check the picture below:


Just watch the difference of the instep support between normal arch foot and high arch foot.Normal shoes to support the soles of normal arch feet is vertically upward, the support to the high arch feet is two directions. If you have high arch foot wearing the normal running shoes, the most of your weight will be placed on your toes and heel. High arch foot always tend to painful just because the weight palced on the two sections. So you need a good running shoes expecially designed for high arches, now let me show you some seay tips for choosing the shoes.

Some females feel that the high arch foot is more beautiful than the normal foot. That is true but you still need good high arch shoes for your foot, or your foot will more and more painful day by day. How to choose the best high arch running shoes for you, there are so many brands, how to choose the shoes fit for you? Just remeber these tips:

3 Tips of Choosing High Arch Running Shoes For You

1.The running shoes must with shoelaces. The shoelaces will help to tie your shoes and you feet arches. You should always lace up your shoes to make there not too much space around your instep. The pressure from the shoelaces will oppress your instep to make it lower day by day even be a normal arch.

tie shoelaces

2.The support for your soles must higher than the normal shoes. Curved support will give more braced force to your pelma, then your instep will take easy. Some high arch running shoes can be viewed from the outside but some shoes just with a flat sole, so that you need to touch the bottom of the shoes inside. Some good insoles also give much help for your instep, just check the insole carefully.

high arch running shoe

3.The shoes must be made with breathable material. This will very helpful to keep your feet dry, too much sweat does not easily to fixed your feet in shoes. If your feet do not always fixed in your shoes, the braced force of the shoes will in several different orientation. That will be not good for your high arch foot.

breathable fabrics

Check Your Footprint with Wet Test

Before you go to shop, just make sure you are really high arches, some person just feel their feet arches seems a little high then go to buy high arch running shoes. That is unnecessary, the high arch shoes are all specilly designed, there are many technology just only for high arch foot, so you really need to make sure that you are high arches or not. Here I give you a pop method to check your foot type: Wet Test. just make your feet wet with water and step to a piece of paper to identify your footprint. Just check the picture below and find out which footprint is similar to yours.


I just make this picture for this site, you can see the differences from the shoes and footprint. The high arch running shoe indeed with a high space for you instep. The holding force for your feet just like the pic shows below:


The direction marked really clear on the diagram, this is just show you why the high arch running shoes specially designed, the support for your sole is more than the normal running shoes.

I have mentioned that a good insole will be also critical to your feet. Just check the diagram:


The principle is consistent in the two diagrams above. So you should check the insole and shoe thoroughly to make sure it really fit for your foot. High arches always have many shapes, the height of the instep is often not the same. A pair of suited shoes will make your feet very comfortable even lead you a good mood.

The Top 4 Brands of Running Shoes

New Balance


The company was founded in 1906, the first name was “New Balance Arch Support Company”, from the name we could understand how they value of the arch support. The fans call it ” The King of Running Shoes” and “President jogging shoes”. New Balance running shoes use a number of high-tech patented design as ABZORB SBS, STABILITY WEB, N-ERGY2.0, etc. The biggest feature of New Balance running shoes is that 6 width shoe last, one more than the width of ASICS.



This SAUCONY running shoes has a reputation of “Sneakers Rolls-Royce”. The secret of Saucony from its core technologies: GRID system, which is recognized as the world’s only able to function while providing stability and cushioning midsole technology systems.



It is a famous sports brand from Japan. Asics running shoes are mainly divided into five types: cushioning type (such as Nimbus, Cumulus), support type (such as Kayano, GT2000), off-road type (such as Fuji Racer), racing type (such as DS Trainer), barefoot type (such as Excel33, Super J33).



Brooks is the first professional sports brand to use the EVA midsole material which is the essential of all the running shoes now. Brooks created a series of shoe technology includes high-tech twill weave technology and HydroFlow liquid buffer power system, which allows the upper more realistic shape of the foot.

There are still many other great brans such as Nike, Adidas and Mizuno. They also have many amazing high arch running shoes, I will introduce them in my articles too.

The Foot Healthcare


There are many methods for footcare, such as massage specific parts of your foot, etc.There are many ways to prevent or alleviate the high arches, such as stretch the front thigh muscle movement, climbing slopes, back walk downhill exercise, choose a good pair of insoles, etc. You can find almost all tips from our articles.

Please note that if you feet continuous horrible pain when standing, just go to concult the chiropodist so as not to delay the optimal timing for treatment.